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President's Message  
Mr Giancarlo Tschuor
Chairman, BFI Group

The BFI Group was established with its objectives being the delivery of high quality, cost-effective, culturally appropriate and environmentally sustainable infrastructure and building development projects in the Middle East, North Africa and Asia.

As a leading development business BFI and its partner companies have completed many infrastructure and resources projects worldwide. Our Group and partners' technical know-how and expertise rank amongst the best globally. We continue to provide successful and timely completion of highly complex projects requiring technology intensive facilities and large scale infrastructure developments.

When we founded the Group it was also our intention to also establish a substantial international presence in the resources field, particularly in oil and gas exploration. We have now achieved that goal with the establishment of our international partnership with Silver Wave Energy and Brilliant Oil Corporation. Within that partnership the BFI Group has significant interests in attractive oil and gas exploration blocks in Myanmar, South Africa and Australia and we are looking to expand our interests into other countries.

We invite you to contact either myself, our CEO Arthur Watts, or one of our management team should you be interested in implementing an infrastructure or building development project utilising our services or should you wish to discuss partnering on one or more of our oil and gas exploration blocks.

We are proud of the achievements of the BFI Group and of the high quality services that we and our partner companies are able to provide to our clients world-wide.

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